From the Manager’s Desk

Spring Time again – lets keep all our fingers and toes crossed for that elusive rain we are all waiting for.

In a few weeks we will be looking ahead to our summer menu where we add salads to a few lighter meal options for those hot summer days.

There has been some recent media discussion concerning the security and amount of funding for MOW organisations. This is an ongoing issue for a number of service organisations because in 2018 our CHSP funding contracts were extended for 2 years without a full review. This means there are organisations trying to function in 2019-20 with the amount of funding originally allocated in 2014-15. There is some indexation applied however it is difficult for planning for the future when you are locked into a fixed funding allocation.

We are very fortunate to be in a sound financial position at present so I hope these reports have not caused any concern for you.

The idea of a business being “not-for-profit” is actually NOT to avoid making a profit, what it means is that any profits made are put directly back into the business as opposed to paying out share-holders or managing partners.

We have been saving our pennies in recent years so we can invest in the future of our organisation with the very exciting addition of a new oven! It’s the first NEW piece of cooking equipment in the building and should be here for many, many years to come. It’s a much larger unit and should allow for the expanding demands on our kitchen in the future.

Don’t forget about the convenient ramp access to the building which also has hand-rails for your safety and a more steady incline to the door.

We will be announcing the date of our Annual General Meeting shortly—all our volunteers at Meals on Wheels are considered Members of the organisation and have voting rights at general meetings.

The meeting papers will be circulated to everyone shortly and we will invite anyone who is interested and available to attend an afternoon tea with a lucky door prize, raffles and yummy food!

Kerryn Williams,


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