Newsletter – Summer 22-23

2023-03-16T00:13:15+00:00March 16th, 2023|Newsletters|

Hello everyone,  I think I just managed to get this newsletter out on the last day of summer!

A quick Thank You for everyone who sent back the Social Impact Surveys. We were asked if our service would participate in this data collection – both our clients and the volunteers, because collecting it’s important that studies like this have a wide range of participants – not just people from the city! We will pass on some of the results of the survey as they are provided.

There is plenty going on in the health and aged care sectors at the moment. I would like to congratulate The New England Division of General Practice, New England Visions 2030 and Adam Marshall M.P. who might have started to make inroads into the future of our GP Workforce. This issue impacts every single person in our area but we know that older people have a heavy reliance on their GP and that access is difficult right now. Fingers crossed we see some real progress soon!