Armidale/Uralla Meals on Wheels is supported financially by the Australian Government.  It is funded as a part of a federal program (Commonwealth Home Support Programme or CHSP), which aims to assist aged people to continue living independently for as long as they wish and as long as it is practical.

For clients referred through MyAgedCare, the government program contributes to the cost of producing the meals, however the cost of the meals themselves is not funded. As such, this additional cost must be covered by the clients. The collection of these fees allows our organisation to expand and enhance services and to ensure a sustainable service model.

People who are not eligible for subsidised meals pay different meal fees. Please note that clients who are on a Home Care Package need to speak to their service provider or care manager about including meals as part of their Package.

Armidale Uralla Meals on Wheels is funded by:


Referrals to our Service

Most of our customers are now referred through MyAgedCare and some directly from other Service Providers.

To access subsidised aged care services, people are required to undertake an assessment process to determine what arrangements and services might be useful to help maintain independence at home. Once this assessment is done, we will receive a referral for the new client to commence meal services. At this point, we make contact directly so we can work out the specific meal needs for the new client – meal size, frequency, dietary requirements and so on. Usually the Manager conducts a brief visit to explain the service and how the 3-week-rotating menu system works. It’s important to us that we know exactly what people want (and don’t want) so the service suits each individual as much as possible.

People can be referred to MyAgedCare by us or their GP, other health provider or an authorised family member – MyAgedCare will contact the person to confirm all the details and make arrangements for a brief assessment to be completed. So if the person is able to make contact directly it’s probably quickest to do that.

Ph: 1800 200 422
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