Meals on Wheels History

Meals on Wheels itself originated in Britain during the Second World War. Its vision was to assist frail older people who wanted to stay in their own homes, but who needed help to do so.

In Australia, Meals on Wheels was founded by Doris Taylor OBE in 1953 in Port Adelaide, South Australia where the first MOW Kitchen was then established in 1954.

In March 1957, Sydney City Council introduced Meals on Wheels in NSW. In the first week, 150 meals were cooked in the Town Hall for inner city dwellers. The cost of the meal was two shillings, which is approximately 20 cents today.

From its inception over 60 years ago, Meals on Wheels has grown to become a driving force of care in the community. Over the course of a year, more than 78,700 volunteers deliver over 14.8 million meals to approximately 53,000 recipients Australia-wide in cities, as well as regional and rural areas. Of these, 35,000 volunteers in NSW deliver about 4.5 million meals each year.

The changing face of Meals on Wheels reflects how the organisation is responding and adapting to the changing face of the community. The multicultural nature of society is echoed in the food, faces and friendships that represent Meals on Wheels.

Whilst the traditions and values of Meals on Wheels remain true to their origins, a focus on engaging people of all ages and from all walks of life is unfolding. This focus brings renewed energy, ideas and vision to help the organisation continue to provide a vital service, meeting the needs of the community.

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Overview of our Service

clipping1966The Armidale/Uralla Meals on Wheels (AUMOW) service was established 1966. The service was based at the Armidale Hospital, from which meals were integrated back into the community for many years. Click on the article at right to read the full foundation story in the 1966 Armidale Express article.

Since then the organisation has grown substantially and relocated to the Armidale Showgrounds in 2014 where a production kitchen was established.

The organisation is overseen by a Management Committee, comprised of up to 12 members of the community.

A number of permanent and casual staff are employed with Armidale/Uralla Meals on Wheels, including the Manager, Administrative Support Officers and the Kitchen Team. The organisation also employs over 200 volunteers who play a vital role in the meal delivery. We provide ‘More Than Just a Meal’. 

Meals on Wheels Pavilion in Armidale January 2018

Meals on Wheels Pavilion –  January 2018