Happy Spring everyone!

We are heading towards another warm summer and look forward to offering you our summer menu – of course our salads will be available again on Tuesdays and Thursdays as they continue to be a very popular meal choice.

As usual, please contact us if you have any feedback about the meals – it’s always extremely valuable for us to get any comments from our clients about the meals so please contact the office on 6772 8970 with any feedback you have.

Congratulations to all of our volunteers – we have 100% double-vaccination rates for all staff and active volunteers and we are so proud to be able to say that our service remains safe and reliable for our community. 

The government has mandated vaccinations for everyone involved in the delivery of home care services which includes all our volunteers.

We would respectfully request that any of our clients that find they may be experiencing symptoms of COVID or have concerns that they have been exposed to the COVID virus, please let us know so we can adjust our delivery arrangements with you.

We are all learning how we will adjust to living with COVID in the community. I am sure that there will be many lessons to learn in coming months especially with the movement of people around the region over the Christmas period. So we ask that if you find that visitors to your home may have come from an area of concern that you please let us know.

We need to look after all our staff, volunteers and our other clients as well, so we cannot risk sending a delivery driver into your home if there is a possibility of being exposed to the virus. We can always make sure food is still delivered safely with no contact but we do need to know as soon as possible.

Thank you all so much for your cooperation with this request.

The Management Committee has decided it is appropriate to provide our clients their own special newsletter service which is separate to the newsletter to be provided to our volunteers.

We will continue to produce a quarterly newsletter just for you with any relevant information and updates, maybe a puzzle or two, and some articles we hope are helpful and informative. If you have any special requests or suggestions about information you would like to see in the newsletter, please let me know.

Kerryn Williams, Manager

Download our 2021 Spring Newsletter here