Greetings all! I hope you are all enjoying the respite from the heat and that whatever is left of your gardens has come back to life with recent moisture.

There has been much discussion in the media about how charities use donations. As a registered charity we have to abide by the federal laws governing how we use any donations to our organisation.  Just to clarify, any charity that receives money for a specific purpose/project/task/activity MUST use that money for that task or activity (which includes the administration of that task or activity).  Charities cannot re-deploy those funds for other purposes.  In this way donors can be sure that their funds are being used for the purpose it was intended.

Our federal government funding covers much of our basic operational costs. We presume that any donated funds are aimed at making the organisation sustainable into the future and to ensure that people who would otherwise miss out, are able to access a nutritional meal.

Therefore, we generally use donated monies towards the purchase of new equipment with an aim to growing the business. Very occasionally we might steer some donated monies towards offsetting a non-recoverable client debt so that we are not running at a loss for services provided.

If you have any questions about how we handled our donations please contact me directly.

We have had a few mistakes with deliveries lately and I cannot stress enough to our drivers the importance of please checking the delivery notes EVERY SINGLE TIME you go on a run. It is vital that people are given the correct meal items that were prepared specifically for them. Thank you.

On a really bright note, we had some of our old cloth delivery bags in storage and thought they might prove to be useful for the Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers as they assist the many injured or displaced native species. The bags are sturdy, soft & dark on the inside, washable and can be hung up like a big pouch!

We have been notified by the NTWC group that they are the “ideal rescue and care bags” so we are delighted to have been able to give these bags a second life to help such a good cause.

Kerryn Williams,  Manager

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