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25 11, 2022

Newsletter Spring 2022

2022-11-25T00:12:07+00:00November 25th, 2022|Newsletters|

Hello everyone,

As we head towards the warmer months, we must acknowledge the sterling efforts of our volunteer drivers who have recently braved torrential rain, gale force winds, flooded creaks, potholes (and whatever is happening on Donnelly Street!) and some very chilly November temperatures, to ensure your food is delivered to your door.

Many of our clients have sent notes of thanks to our volunteers and your kind words are passed on and very much appreciated.

We are going through an extremely busy period in the Aged Care Sector. As I mentioned in the last newsletter – if you or someone you know needs any help to remain safe and independent at home, in addition to services you are already receiving – DO NOT WAIT!  There are delays in every part of the process at the moment, so please be proactive about your support services.

If you have concerns about any of the services you are receiving or would like some clear, professional advice about anything in the Aged Care Sector, please take advantage of the service listed below – The Seniors Rights Service.  Some people do not have family or friends to help them navigate the system which can be complex at times, so please reach out to this service if you need to.

We are excited to welcome new staff member Kaitlin, who has hit the ground running and is a delightful addition to our Admin team.

Kerryn Williams,  Manager

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7 05, 2022

Newsletter Summer 2022

2022-05-07T22:26:30+00:00May 7th, 2022|Newsletters|

The Journey into Aged Care.
The very basic diagram in the centre of the newsletter demonstrates the journey that consumers take when entering into aged care services. It’s important for the general community to understand how the system works, so people have realistic expectations and embrace the process for a successful journey.


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