Newsletter – Spring 2018

//Newsletter – Spring 2018

Newsletter – Spring 2018

It’s that time of the year ago folks – as we enjoy the change in seasons, we will shortly be making changes to our menu to offer salads several times each week and some lighter, more ‘summery’ meal options.

2018 AGM – All our Volunteers are invited to attend and participate in the 2018 Annual General Meeting which is to be held with an after-noon tea at 2.30pm on Monday 29th October.
Any of our clients who might be interested are also welcome.

We know that meetings can be a bit stale sometimes but they are necessary re-quirement for an organisation and an AGM is mandatory for us to report back to our members. This provides a great opportunity for people to make sugges-tions about how the organisation could change or improve in the future, for Members to question any of the Management Committee or the Manager about activities of the last 12 months or plans for the future.

I would like to thank Jon Spilsbury, our current treasurer, who is stepping down from the committee at the AGM. His financial and business knowledge has provided us with valuable input for many years which is much appreciated. We do look forward to seeing him on his regular delivery run with the NAB Agri-business staff, which is also appreciated.

Deirdre Hillard has also been on our committee for many years as a Uralla com-munity representative & as she also steps down from Committee duties, we heartily thank her for her many hours of service but are grateful of her contiued role as one of our regular drivers. Thank you Dee!

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