Newsletter – Winter 2018

//Newsletter – Winter 2018

Newsletter – Winter 2018

Greetings all,

Looking back at the last financial year I am glad to be able to reflect on the number of projects we have completed such as the addition of the partition wall between the dining room and administration areas; painting through-out the kitchen and storage area; the installation of solar panels and also our new walk-in freezer. These are mostly projects that we received grants to complete in the past and we were extremely keen to demon-strate that we were committed to their undertaking. It’s a great relief to have all the projects completed and as mentioned in this, and previous, newsletters the additional funding received through Armidale Central Ro-tary has assisted us greatly to finish these projects properly.
All this has been taking place while we maintain the service of between 2,500 and 3,000 meals each month. We always welcome feedback about the meal service so please call the office if you have any issues to discuss.

I recently met with several other MOW providers from New England and the Mid-North Coast and was surprised at how many other services pur-chase bulk frozen meals for their clients instead of cooking fresh meals each day. I think we should be extremely proud that we remain one of the few MOW services that cooks our own meals and that we can customise the service we provide for our clients’ specific dietary requests.

We have included a brochure in this newsletter from NSW Fire & Rescue about some home fire safety. Unfortunately Australians over the age of 65 are over-represented in the statistics relating to domestic fires. You can get help to ensure your fire alarms are working so please use the assistance available to you to stay safe in your own home. Armidale Fire Station phone number is 6771 5076.
All the best and I hope you are keeping warm!

Kerryn Williams

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